Barbara Bui

For Paca Cervera this collection is always a winning bet, because Barbara Bui perfectly expresses values that today prevail among a woman who evolves with strength and who with her way of dressing expresses an unmistakable lifestyle. She brings to her collections a way of dressing in which women express themselves voluntarily without being aggressive, strong and fragile, feminine and masculine, an increasingly strong duality in our society.

Barbara Bui’s collection brings her loyal customers positivity, strength, well-being and empowerment in themselves. Fashion is anything but superficial, her collections transmit the concept and expression necessary for any client to feel identified, to be able to express herself freely and with a modern image with a lot of personality. That is why her pieces are works of art, that you love because they always make you feel good and are part of your personality, of your style.

His garments always have two keys: CUT AND QUALITY.

Her collections can allow all kinds of fantasies, but always under this premise.

Under these qualities, Barbara Bui affirms that a woman should feel good in her clothes, and not disguised, she is not in favour of the restrictions that bring the pieces that are rabid trend. For Barbara Bui the personality should not disappear behind the clothes, but the clothes should enhance that personality, and for that we always look for balance. That is why our selection always focuses on important garments with fantasies, or prints or strong colours, that are different, and that can be coordinated with basic garments of good cut and great quality, this is for us the BALANCE. Clothes that you can wear from morning to night, and always look perfect and always make you feel good.

Exclusive Image Consulting

Your image will speak for itself. We find a unique and personal style. Let yourself be carried away by our imagination and let us bring out the best version of you.

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