Ermanno Schervino


Ermanno Scervino is one of the most important and relevant Italian brands in the fashion world.

Its collections range from a pret-a-porter where a fashion trend stands out to a limited edition with the most glamorous, delicate and sophisticated dresses.

Its MADE IN ITALY is a hallmark of good taste, personality and quality.

It is difficult to define a collection of this Italian brand, because there are so many profiles of women that can dress, that can not be qualified in a few trends.

Our mission is to extract and create a collection atmosphere, whose selection surprises, excites and changes the style perspective that each woman has a priori.

Nothing in these collections is predictable, their capacity for creation is of such magnitude that it can approach a trend in the purest 90’s and become an inspiration of the Italian renaissance.

What characterises Ermanno Scervino’s collections?

The surprising combinations he proposes, the quality and perfect cut of his pieces, unique prints designed exclusively for them, and the richness of the materials: silks, Georgette, organza, poplin, cashmere, flannels and their embroidery and inlays in schwarovski and precious lace.

Always coordinating sobriety and sophistication; classic and modern; matte and shiny… It shows off the duality in nuances to get a woman with personality, well dressed, with a modern or classic touch with sophistication but always feminine, always empowered.

In addition, in the Paca Cervera Boutique in Altea and Valencia, we have a series developed in denim. Skirts with exaggerated volumes on the hips, oversize shirts with tropical prints and lace, waistcoats, boyfriend jeans with lace …

Or a series in satin, where the main piece is the smock coat and showing off this trend coordinates a nuclear white jacket suit with black satin smock coat with white dinner jacket lapels, with an impressive long pleated skirt as lingerie and shirts with delicate lace and lace inlays.

Exclusive Image Consulting

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