high by Claire Campbell

HIGH BY Claire Campbell

HIGH was founded in 2007 by Claire Campbell out of a passionate desire to create high quality garments that are useful, beautiful and desirable.

HIGH presents visibly different, innovative and intelligently designed garments with a distinctive style that are the result of a very particular process. Each piece is developed by hand from a design sketch to a fully finished prototype, a process that has been termed “Everyday Stitching”.

All HIGH collections are made and distributed in Italy by INTERFASHION spa with its extraordinary heritage of manufacturing skills and craftsmanship.

Designed for independent, confident and intelligent individuals, HIGH embodies a romantic and eclectic aesthetic that is perfect for the truly creative professional.

The brand encompasses two very distinct categories of clothing:

The HIGH by Claire Campbell collection is made with the highest production values with the most precious fabrics and intricate detailing. The clothes are constructed in three dimensions, resulting in a strong silhouette with a distinctive sculptural look.
These artfully constructed pieces are made in unexpected combinations of the finest quality natural materials. They are finished with embroidered edges, lace edging, layered hems, contrast binding and lining, their femininity often amplified with masculine references.

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